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Oasis is a ministry of the Tempe Church that is devoted to helping college students and young adults encounter God in the midst of the desert. Whether you are new to the Phoenix desert or you are experiencing a drought in your soul, we invite you to experience God in many ways. We want to be a home, a family, a connection point for you to embrace all that life with God has to offer. We have fun together. We worship together. We doubt together. We find joy together. We serve together. We pursue a life with God together. 

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Leadership Training Institute

Leadership Training Institute

Leadership Training Institute



Leadership Training Institute

Leadership Training Institute


Spiritual Formation

Leadership Training Institute

Spiritual Formation


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Weekly Connection Points

ENCOUNTER | Mondays | 8:00pm | The Oasis 

TABLING AT ASU | Mondays | 11:00-1:00 | MU

FAMILY DINNER | Wednesdays | 7:30pm | The Oasis

WORSHIP | Sundays | 10:30 | Tempe Church

The Oasis

2240 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85282, United States

The Oasis is next door to the Tempe Church of Christ.

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