Hannah Parmelee


 Hello!  I’m Hannah. For me, life is about loving God and loving others. I hope to get to know you! At the Tempe Church of Christ I get to focus on coming alongside college students and families as they get to know and walk with God. My husband, Jay, and our three fantastic daughters join me in this ministry as we get to know, love, and journey with people in our community. We enjoy sharing life with others by having people over for meals in our home, serving and worshiping at church, and going out to coffee or other adventures. This is a tremendous blessing as I am able to share with others what is most important in my life. My expertise is in young adult relationships and I speak on this topic locally and at professional conferences. It’s a joy to join young adults where they are and be a life sounding board for them. I regularly teach marriage and parenting classes because I believe God teaches us so much about ourselves, others, and Him through our closest family relationships; and that proactively working to be the best we can in those relationships honors Him, transforms us, and blesses those we love the most. My passion for spiritual formation is grounded in the conviction that it is in our relationship with God that we find love, peace, ourselves, and our propose, value, and meaning for life. Whether you’re an ASU student, family from the community, or an individual looking for a loving family in Christ, I welcome you!  Thanks for visiting us online, and (hopefully) in person soon.