I'm Steven Tyree

I've been the preaching minister at Tempe Church since 2010. My wife, Daltrey, and I are blessed with five amazing children-- Caleb, Peyton, Tatum, Raygen, and Logan. Our family, like other families, has struggled through many a dark valley. Despite those difficulties, God has always shown up for us and walked us through the heartaches of life.

I praise God for all the amazing friends, teachers, and mentors, who have walked along side me. I am so thankful to have twenty five years of experience and education in Christian ministry. After completing my undergrad degree in Ministry, I went on to earn a Masters degree in Communications and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. My most valuable training comes from my personal encounters with God as He has empowered me to face my inner dragons of pride, trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression. My greatest gift in teaching, preaching, and counseling, is an empathetic ear; a gift of being with people in the pit of their pain as God's Spirit has been with me.
I am just a person like anyone else. What makes us more than human is the Spirit of God who dwells within. It is by the Spirit we overcome our anxiety and experience divine satisfaction.

The Tempe Church is a family. We are a people who wrestle with God and embrace one another during seasons of doubt. We are a fragile people who fall down and sometimes we break. The good news is that God is always at work drying our tears, patching us up, and transforming our fears into heroic opportunities. We would love to meet you in person! Come by some time and let's walk together deeper into the presence of God's Love. What have you got to lose?